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Our Company

Frutland is a Chilean fruit export Company, legally related to Agrícola la Hacienda, wich is a growerof cherries, pears, kiwis and hazelnuts. The production is grown in its own fields located.


Frutland is responsible for the export of the fruit owned by Agrícola la Hacienda wich is processed in its own facilities, basically cooling and packaging plants in the VII region, and drying and packaging plant in IX region.

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Our marketing is focused on achieving long-term business relationships with customers in different markets such us: Asia, Europe , Latinamerica and Northamerica.

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Fruit Yearly Abailability

About Us

Frutland is a family business born in 2012 for the initiative, vision and the need to market and control the quality of the products by the Agricultural Treasury, which has its own facilities for the processes

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in Regions VII and IX. Quickly, the company was, growing and expanding its facilities, in 2013 the consolidated project "refrigeration and dexceleration packaging" related to the group formed by agriculture and export. In this way, they complete the chain, the production, the packaging and, therefore, we commercialize the processes of the fall, the quality and the traceability of our products. Develop processes, products and services of excellence, according to the needs of the market, the space for innovation and the incorporation of value, occupying the talent and commitment of its employees, distinguished by the development of its people and community, as well as The commitment to the environment. Currently, Frutland exports its fruits to different markets, such as Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America, and meets customers, employees, communities and suppliers.

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Commercial Manager Contact

Eduardo Espinosa Toro

Frutland S.A. Address

Fundo Paraguay s/n, Hijuela Poniente, Molina,

Curicó, Región Del Maule, Chile.